Obligations reminder

Organization and
Management Conformity

Requirement for ADR Radioactive Transportation, pickups and deliveries in France:

Being a transporter and / or "Commissionaire de Transport" which is a specialized transportation organizer and manager, like a freight forwarder. Registration is needed with the "DRE".

The transporter must provide the technical means. The Organizer and Manager is accountable for the results.

Safety Advisor registration to the "prefecture".

Implementation of Quality Management System based on international norms and at least on the ASN QMS for Transportation guidance.
Implementation of a Radiation Protection Program designed by a Radiation Officer.

To handle every critical incident or accident, in accordance with our emergency procedure.

To secure all access and to guard against malicious acts.

To record all events, remedial actions, improvement, and report to ASN (French Nuclear Regulatory Commission) when needed.
Declare to ASN as commission agent and/or transporter in accordance with Decision n°2015-DC-0503.

Driver trainings

ADR Class 7 training (5 years valid certificate)  or a radiation and awareness training (if Type A packages, TI>3 or maximum 10 parcels) to renew every 3 years.

To be aware of loading and unloading safety protocols.

Protective equipment and required ADR documentation

Specific ADR and firefighting equipment to be carried on board.
Specific ADR documents to be carried on board (waybill, dangerous goods document, safety instructions, validation checkup). Dosimeter and Telecommunication means.
Cargo securement system.
Placarding and marking.