Radioactive transport organization and management


Operational advisers to help you over the phone 24/7. Immediate action taken if required by dysfunction or accident, as described in our emergency procedure
Real time transparent information to customers and law enforcement.
Ground inspections: Random checks or planned audits, before during or after transport operations.
Compliant vehicles, ADR empowered, with constant contact.
Listing of references of drivers.

Organization and
Management Conformity

Radiation Protection Program.
Radiation Officer.
Safety Advisor, all hazmat Class.
Staff members trained for Hazardous material Transportation ADR and IATA.
QMS Operating Instructions.
Emergency procedure (Contingency and Security plan to fulfill guaranteed delivery time).
Regulation, contract, requirement specifications and best practices compliance.

Organization and management

More than 200 vehicles and 20 warehouses including secured transit area in France, to carry out Specific Radioactive Isotope transportation for medical purpose.
Radioactive transportation (F18).
Daily UN2915, UN2908 and UN2910 transportation from Cyclotrons to PET cameras and Nuclear Medicine.
Manufacturing, Industry and Laboratory Clients trust us for their radioactive transportation needs.
Specific Class 7 transportation Organization and management with one goal:  Compliance at every step.